The old Peach House was a second hand, light cedar wood, A-frame structure and sadly collapsed in 2010 under the weight of snow. This has now been rebuilt and resembles something more like a solid nineteenth century orangery. The block walls are finished in a sandstone render and there are sturdy columns at the front, not unlike the Nash Conservatory at Kew. The plan had been to use corrugated sheeting on the roof until midway through construction when the project was given a commercial aluminium glasshouse. Miraculously the roofing frames fitted our new construction to within half an inch. This seemed like a positive omen and the finished effect has been splendid. There is stone slab staging and shelves up the back wall and to the front there are beds for mixed planting. There’s even room for a small grand piano. But this will  have to remain a general purpose area at least until the new Greenhouses are built.