1. Samye Ling Organic Gardening Foundation Certificate
    A practical introduction to gardening assisting with all the usual seasonal activities. 

    2. Samye Ling Organic Gardening Intermediate Certificate
    A course to develop skills and gain more experience. Students will often be working unsupervised and there are written papers for each of the six units. 

    3. Samye Ling Organic Gardening Advanced Certificate

    A detailed course embracing the day-to-day management of the garden including a comprehensive portfolio of horticultural projects. 

    The Samye Ling Garden is a unique venue for a course and feels rather special.  If you’re interested in practicing mindfulness and meditation, experiencing a communal atmosphere, meeting all kinds of people from all over the world here in the rolling hills of the Scottish borders, then this is a great place for all of that and more besides.

    Should you participate in the whole schedule then it’s a full day and quite an experience. Even if you choose only parts of the schedule it can still be a very lively and diverse programme. This is an ideal meditation in action practice, a chance to work outdoors and to switch off from a hectic lifestyle. Let the garden routine lead your schedule as you perform simple and effective tasks. Feel part of the natural environment, become aware of the abundance of many and various natural forms of flora and fauna.

    Activities may be individual, shared or in a small group and can range from fine, delicate procedures e.g. sowing seeds, pricking out baby plants or hand-picking herbs, through to heavy manual jobs e.g. mixing organic compost, digging beds, or building a drystone wall. Whether outside in the open air or in a greenhouse or potting shed, there is a job for everyone.

    This is a practical schedule suitable also for CPD. There are opportunities for reflective learning in the beautiful Oakhouse library where there is computer access and free wi-fi. Individual advice and practical tuition may also be given from Head Gardener Tony Freck who has over 25 years’ experience in this unusual setting.

    Course Units
    1. Feb - July   Preparation       Prepare deep beds and digging in bulky organic matter, pH testing, mixing potting compost, crop rotation and the bio-dynamic calendar, path building, dry stone walling.

    2. Mar - July   Sowing Seeds   Sowing inside leeks and cabbages, lettuces and herbs into trays, squashes into pots and basil into modules, sowing outside broad beans and peas, beetroot and turnips, aftercare and pricking out, use of propagators and cold frames, greenhouse management. 

    3. May - Aug   Planting Out   Planting out salads, greenhouse tomatoes and peppers, runner beans and courgettes, successional crops, dividing herbaceous perennials mints, marjoram and lemon balm. 

    4. June - Sept  Tending the Crops   Weeding and watering, liquid manure and comfrey feeding, training up strings and along wires, pruning and trimming, managing the greenhouse humidity and ventilation, protection from pests and diseases. 

    5. June - Nov   Harvesting     Harvesting the crops for the kitchen and for sale, roots, legumes, bulbs, squashes and tomatoes, salads and leaf vegetables, fruits and flowers, picking and drying herbs. 

    6. Sept - Nov   Composting   Cutting down and clearing away, building compost heaps with garden waste and farmyard manure, preparation for next season.

    Fees                                                                                                                                                                    The courses run from February to November and each comprises 25 sessions, e.g. one day a week or perhaps 12 separate weekends, however you wish. Participation may spread over more than one year. The course fees are £250 ( i.e. £10 a day ). Students may be eligible for ILA sponsorship up to £200. Introductory weekends are available throughout the year, the fee is £20.

    Daily Timetable

    8.00 - 9.00  Meditation 
    9.00 - 12.30
     Morning work session 
    12.30 - 1.30   Lunch
     1.30 - 5.00
     Afternoon Session
     5.00 - 6.00


    If you wish to learn more about the courses please contact us for a chat:   

    Samye Ling Garden Project 
    DG13 0QF
    Tel:    013873 73764